10 Days – Rural Happiness Program


1. At the time of writing TTP application, candidate’s age must be 22+ years complete.
2. Only those candidates who have finished their 10th and above, are eligible to apply for TTP
3. Candidates must be a rural teacher for more than 2 years.
4. Candidates must have organized and assisted Rural Happiness courses.
5. Candidates must get their evaluation form signed by Happiness Course Teacher who is teaching for more than 3 years.
6. Candidates must have done two Part-2 programs & 1 DSN program ( DSN is must For those who have done only Rural Happiness Program) at the time of writing TTP application (If you write future dates, your Application will be rejected)

*For those who have done YLTP, DSN is not mandatory.

7. The candidates MUST have savings bank account in one of these banks: ICICI / SBI / Canara (Account in affiliated banks is not acceptable.

Candidates must attach

1. Good quality Latest (photos should not be more than 2 months old) photos – both passport size as well as full length. These photos will be used to make Teacher ID Cards.
2. PAN photo copy
3. Aadhar Card photo copy
4. Address proof
5. Medical certificate for physical & mental fitness

Please ensure that following fields are not kept blank
1. Birth Date with year
2. Mobile No.
3. Email Id
4. YLTP / Rural Happiness program date (1 year MUST be completed after finishing YLTP / Rural Happiness program)
5. Part-2 program dates (Min Two Part-2 programs MUST)
6. DSN (Dynamism for Self & Nation) program date ( MUST for all those who have done only Rural Happiness Program )
7. VTP dates along with Teacher’s name & place (if applicable)
8. Previous TTP details and Teacher code (if applicable)

(For Candidates)
• Candidates must fill and submit their application form to their respective YLTP State Council before 2.5 months of the upcoming TTP.
• Invitations will be sent by YLTP State Council to all candidates before 1 month of TTP.
• Candidates, who wish to enquire about their ‘selection’ or ‘invitation’, are requested to communicate with YLTP State Council.

(For YLTP State Council)

• YLTP State Council must verify all the details written in the TTP Application + Evaluation form. In case there is any discrepancy / doubt then, such forms should be kept on ‘Hold’. Resolve unclear details before forwarding Applications.
• YLTP State Council must maintain strict check to ensure candidates are physically & mentally fit. If there is any doubt, please consult TTP office first before forwarding such applications.
• YLTP State Council must evaluate and send application forms before 2 months of TTP Office Bangalore.