Volunteers Training Program (VTP)

Volunteer Training Program is an intensive program which empowers individuals with the knowledge and confidence to become dynamic leader and Introductory Workshop facilitators for the Art of Living Courses like Nav Chetna Shibir and Bal Chetna Shibir. This special program will greatly enhance leadership, teamwork, organizing, public relations, and course-enrollment skills.

This course also helps personal, professional and spiritual development. The exercises offered during the course can help you overcome any barriers/hindrances for your growth. This course is one of the prerequisites for the Teacher Training Program, but you do not need to want to be a teacher to benefit from this program.

1. Candidate’s age must be 20 years.
2. Anyone who has done the Happiness/Yes! +/YLTP program.
3. You need to attend One Advance/Part2/AMP before attending VTP.
4. Candidates must be actively organizing and assisting Art of Living Courses for 1 year.
5. Free from use of alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs.